The other side of the mirror

After 25 years in the fashion industry, Eirini Sapoutzi started her own personal collection in April 2015, Eirene Athens.

Until now she has viewed the world of fashion from a businesswoman’s perspective, since her mother, Nitsa Sapoutzi, introduced and established in Greece different styles from world famous fashion designers. Eirini was lucky as a child to learn about all the effort required behind flashy catwalks and the opportunity to work hard and effectively on the field.

Now, she leaps forward, attempting what she always wanted: to convey her own ideas on fabric and leather for the woman who is active, dynamic yet feminine and elegant beyond fleeting trends.

The designs, colours and materials used are timeless, with a perfect fit and a hint of panache. It is no coincidence that she is using stretch-leather for the first time in Greece, a fabric that has undergone special treatment, which highlights the female figure in an ideal way.

Her designs reveal the extent of her vast experience in the industry, her innate talent but above all her love for the unpretentious femininity of the modern woman. A woman’s touch is indispensable, approaching the female form with respect to the individuality of each figure, without attempting to fit it into preconceived norms. A unique style for every woman.